2 weeks ago by Rahul Singh

Possible MultiAuth like Laravel native auth in VueJs

Am just want to know that can it possible to make MultiAuth in VueJs as we make with Laravel native auth using multi authentication guards and if possible so what's the good approach to do that and is . . .


2 weeks ago by Aniket

how to count no of post per category

In many many relation how to get only those category who has at least one post and there no of count. . . .


1 month ago by Carlos

Add slug to old tables

This is my route Route::get('itinerary/{slug}/{id?}', 'TourDetailsController@show');

This is my show controller

public function show($slug, $id){ $tour =TourDetail::find($id); $tourCities =TourDet . . .


2 months ago by Dilshan Ramesh

Laravel Task scheduling

Dear sir,

My Laravel project consist SMS sending part when payment amount success. I create a scheduler for complete this task. but in localhost, it runs perfectly. but i deploy this project in shar . . .


2 months ago by Aditya Kadam

How to add and configure supervisor for elastic beanstalk environment?

Hello Sarthak, I have seen your videos on Youtube and it goes without saying that all he videos are amazing.

I have a question regarding configuring the supervisor on elastic beanstalk to poll jobs f . . .


3 months ago by Akil Patel

Laravel socialite not working when project converted to Android app.

Hello Sarthak, Greeting for the day.

I am using socialite and its working perfectly , but recently i converted my project to mobile apps. when i use G+ login from my mobile it shows some error (scree . . .


5 months ago by Rama krishna

App\Models\Session::block must return a relationship instance

I am getting error in video 75 , App\Models\Session::block must return a relationship instance . how can i solve this error . I am using Laravel version 6 now . And when i click on the name of the use . . .


6 months ago by Sunil kumar b V

Auto Logout automatically to login page after session expires in laravel

Hi, I have done session expire by setting a lifetime variable in session.php file to 2minutes.

After refresh, the page redirects to the login page.

Problem: It will redirect after a refresh.

** . . .


8 months ago by Flexi Gold

Cheapest hosting for laravel/VueJs app

First, let me commend your for your great job. Your videos have really helped me in becoming a developer. Thanks. Now to my question. Lots of laravel/VueJs tutorials but few talk about the very import . . .


8 months ago by Jr Cole Syd

Error "App\model" not found

hello sir, i love your package and am implementing it currently on my website, i worked everything perfectly in development but when i deployed to live server. i keep getting this error App\model not . . .



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