4 weeks ago by Jashandeep.singh02@gmail.com

Laravel Form Problem on Server but not on localhost

While i submit form its showing 419 Page expired, bot on localhost its worked fine. So please can you help me to solve these problem . . .


1 month ago by Rishabh Gupta

Laravel TELESCOPE for restrict using admin guard

Hi can one tell me how to Laravel TELESCOPE only accesible for admin guard users. . . .


1 month ago by Vinay Parab

regarding user log

how to create and track all log details in laravel eg last login , last logout, any updates make a user ?

i learn from your all videos on youtube and now follow your series , your teching makes fun . . .


1 month ago by Amit Prasad

Group Video Chat

Hi Sarthak,

My name is Amit I have seen lot of video of yours on Laravel and I Just want to tell all your video very helpful for me to learn this framework which I believe the best framework in PHP . . .


1 month ago by Shiv kumar

How to Write Custom Filter for spatie laravel-query-builder

Whenever i am writing Filter::custom its showing that custom is undefined method. I have already included "use Spatie\QueryBuilder\Filter" also "use Spatie\QueryBuilder\Filters\Filter" But none of th . . .


1 month ago by Daniel Dhayanandhan

Laravel Beginner

Hi, I'm Dhayanandhan and Beginner to Laravel, I have the following queries 1. Can you please share me the 28 Chapters list. 2. How will i get my doubts clarified. 3. what is Real Project? 4. Is this . . .


2 months ago by Nikzad Behnam

In-Dept Laravel

I have started the Indepth laravel series, but after first videos of introduction to laravel I could not access to next videos and it is not activited to paly . . .


2 months ago by MD Himel Khan

Need to Laravel and react.js tutorial with rest api

your tutorial is really awesome . Youtube has many resources about laravel and react tutorial but their teaching capacity is not good and not standared way as well . You are the brilliant person and . . .


2 months ago by Tasmir

How can I run Laravel Project on cpanel or shared server with php artisan sarve command

**How can I run Laravel Project on cpanel or shared server with php artisan sarve command**

Normally apache server use .htaccess or move index.php to root folder to run Laravel Proje . . .


2 months ago by Vishal Arora

Class 'App\restros' not found

----------------------------------------------------this is my controller <?php

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request; use App\restros; class restro_controller extends Contr . . .



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