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best way to start learning please help me

best way to start learning please help me


Sarthak replied 2 years ago


It depends on what you are going to learn.

But the basic learning flow which I follow is like this:

Lets take an example of php and you want to learn php from scratch so

1. First learn about what that technology can do

a. Why I need to learn php b. What is the future of php c. What can I do with php d. What are some big thing I php can do This just inspire you why you need to learn php and where you need to go after learning.

2. Read getting started from its documentation and from free youtube videos

a. Check any youtube video to getting started. This will just give you a push that starting anything is very easy and you can also do this. b. Documentation is the only thing which you need to master, obviously at first you can't understand how to read but just read first page or two. c. First follow any one playlist or course and just see it, don't try to write code or do along with instructor. this first course is just to introduce you what php can do.

3. Now choose another course from youtube or start reading a book

a. This time you know what php can do and what instructor is going to teach ( at least little bit you know). b. This is the time you need to code along with the instructor or book. c. As you start to code you get stuck somewhere and you need to find a way to get help. d. At this point you probably know many people for php community and if so then try to contact some people for help and google is the best help center ( haha).

4. Build a small project with the technology you have learned

a. Even you are not comfortable and you know you are not best at php you still can create something. This is not has to be in a correct way but at least you can build something. b. Take a course for small project and just copy each and everystep. this will boost your knowledge

5. Find a book or any course somewhere which teaches you best practices and programming concepts like OOPS.

a. Now you can build something but you know its not a best and you have just done the job. But now you need to clear things and learn how to code efficiently and clearly. b. Learning coding principles and programming concepts makes you a expert in that technology.

6. Now its time to earn from what you have learned

a. After spending long time on learning a technology, now you can take some freelancing works. b. For that first you have to have self confidence that you can do whatever someone tell you to build. c. Go to upwork.com, freelancer.com or any freelancing websites or find some local project to work upon it. d. * Remember that you are now started earning but money is not your goal, so try to give best service at minimum cost ( otherwise why someone give project to a new learner)e. In this way you are doing many things, (i) you are making little money (ii) Helping others (iii) Getting experience( most important thing)

7. Teach to learn more

a. One thing which I follow is, if you want to learn something just teach that to others. b. Open a youtube channel or go to local school or collages to teach free of cost to your juniors. c. It does't matter how many students, subscriber, followers, views, or classes you take. The most important thing is you are refreshing your knowledge and making a community. d. If you want to make money from teaching, give basic courses as free and advanced as paid. If you are a good teacher then surely people come for your paid courses.

8. Buy Advanced course or go to advanced classes for becoming a pro in your field

a. Yes, if you need to loose your pocket to become professional in something. * Nothing is free in this world. b. Paid courses and local advanced classes give you insight of what you didn't know. c. Get to know how people in that industry work and what tools they use, what style they follow, what are their thinking process.

9. Learning is never ending process : start with first step - its a loop

a. You have now become a professional but you know at every stage you need to learn something. so just read the first step and go to the process again and again. b. Technology is changing everyday so you need to update yourself.

10. Apply for Job or Build a business

a. If you are a Job oriented person then at this point every company's HR will not reject you. b. If you are a business minded person then build something with your knowledge or start helping others because Business is not selling something, business means helping other and in response people will give you some money, you don't have to ask for it.

*This is what I follow and is not hard and fast rule. If you thing other way just comment below and share your views also.

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