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How to retrive 400 row with Ajax Pagination with searching keyword

Sir, I have a Blog table and i have 400 row in this table. And i wants to search blog post using keyword. > Like my expectation searching keyword is : Best Laravel Tips

So It will be retrive all match found data from Database table row. with pagination. Guess : "Best" word available at Blog post Title or Blog post details . So i want's to retrive all those row. I alredy tried to retrive. Am failed to retrive those data. I can retrive without searching keyword. Sir I need your help and suggestion about how to retrive this. Am using Laravel 5.6


Ripon Uddin replied 1 year ago


This is really great . Love you sir.


Sarthak replied 1 year ago


Hey, for this kind of search you need to use algolia ( laravel scout). By using this it will search as you wants. For more information visit this tutorial. Advanced Laravel - Algolia

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