2 years agoby Patrik Horváth

Laravel Deploy methods?

hi, i would like to know if there is any deploy methods?, also custom script deploy ?

why ? Right now i m using PHP storm Deployment ( it send all data to my FTP ) and its soo bad cause npm, composer, yarn stuffs have about 500MB and a lot of pckages / models are not usefull for my project


Patrik Horváth replied 2 years ago


Hi, first thanks for your answer, but in Solution no.1 you have to run "composer update" command also you need hosting with SSH ( witch is not passible for Shared hosting ) so VPS is only one option / or should i copy whole project and manually delete modules ( witch saves 250mb ) but still hosting project files 200mb+, with is better and more space for other stuffs


Sarthak replied 2 years ago


Hey you don't need to push all these npm composer stuffs to server, Basically FTP is not secure and even problematic when you accidentally replace a file and then you don't have any option to undo this.

Solution :

1.For this you have to use server which uses GIT(any version control system) so that whenever you commit new changes and push to git repository then it catches it and update your live project.

2.When you use advanced VPS (virtual private server) then you can run composer easily, and then you don't need to push all big folders ( like vendor or storage folder)

For having these benefits these are some best platforms.

1. Forge

If you don't have time and your project is large, I prefer to use Laravel Forge This has tonnes of benefits, like Always up to date, you can use complex things like Queue, Schedule etc very easily. But obviously it costs you. I soon upload a series on Forge and then I update this reply.

2. Heroku or other like this

How it is different from Forge, As forge Manages your server and all its configuration but it does't own any server you have to get it from other companies, but Heroku do both part, this means it managers as well as own server (but forge is specific for laravel configuration) But this not specific for Laravel so you have to configure some of stuffs.

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