2 years agoby Nivaj Shakya

laravel is too slow ??

i tried to add data of location in location Array, i think there is no any big queries , but still this location array is taking a lot of time, 2-3 mins in returning data.. Please help me... there is total 160 rows of data in location Array..

I've done samething in CI , CI result is much faster than laravel...


Manish Sharma replied 2 years ago


Also you need to query optimization , so please apply indexing in your database.


Sarthak replied 2 years ago


Bro, that's not the case. I have worked with more than 5ooo records on a Laravel project and it just took less than a second to fetch records.

Here is some suggestions you can follow to make request faster.

1.Why not use debugbar on your laravel project and minimize number of queries you have. 2.Use Eloquent queries to get data between two or more tables, don't use joins in laravel. 3.Allow eager loading to minimize queries.

If these things not work, let me know I will check your code and help you.


Nivaj Shakya replied 2 years ago


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