10 months ago by Seishin Caburnay

Need to refresh the browser before receiving the Notifications on my realtimeapp

Hello. I am very new to vuejs and I have cloned and followed the Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs. But there are errors. Like the browser is not receiving real time . . .


1 year ago by Abhishek Sindhwani

How to pass image link as a prop in vuejs

I wanted to pass an image link as a prop through a component in vuejs . . .


1 year ago by Taha Mostafa


nuxt.js app (universal) ltr to rtl

Hi everybody please any one answer me. i need to create nuxt.js app (universal) what is the best way to make it multi language with ltr to rtl switch ..... thanks a lot . . .


1 year ago by Dasarathan Sampath

Vuejs Datatables - vuetable-2

My database is having more than 10,000 lines. Can I use vuetable-2 Data mode? Which one is best Data mode (OR) API mode? I have my database in excel sheet. How to transfer my data to vuetables? . . .


1 year ago by Ranjeet rohit

prevent login page.

how to prevent log in page when user has loggedin laravel 5.4 ? . . .


1 year ago by Ajinkya shivaji pawar

image parameter not seen

Sir i create a blog project as like you but my image file not seen in contest when i use request->file('image') in controller. . . .


1 year ago by Fahim Ahmed

Nuxtjs tutorial

Hello sir, Please make a playlist about nuxtjs . . . .


1 year ago by Bhagyaraj Aj


Access-Control-Allow-Origin Laravel-Vuejs-Websockets

Hi, I had done a simple chat application with laravel Websockets In local it runs super cool. But when i tried to run on HEROKU,it shows access-control-allow-origin CORS policy

`Access to . . .


1 year ago by Ajinkya shivaji pawar

confusion in ssl certificate

sir what is mean by ssl certificate actually i am little bit confused... . . .


1 year ago by Humayra Samiha

pagination and profile

How to add pagination and profile in vuejs? . . .


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