3 months ago by Humayra Samiha

pagination and profile

How to add pagination and profile in vuejs? . . .


7 months ago by Hugo Ramirez

Redirect with psuh NOT working

I've been working on one of your tutorials "Real Time Single Page Forum". I have a problem to redirect to Forum page once I do Login/Signup. I posted the question on Udemy questions, but I h . . .


8 months ago by Prem saini

Message not receiving on other user end after send message

Hello sir. I am your hudge fan because you are only the person cause of that i have learn laravel. Now i'm facing error in build chat app using vue js and pusher. I am studying your 7th video of build . . .


10 months ago by Daniel Cruz

How to deploy laravel 5.6 + vuejs ???

Does the npm file affect the main laravel's folder??? I've finished your course on Udemy (Awesome course by the way). But I wish you could do the forum's deployment please.... That would be fantastic . . .


1 year ago by Mauryavanshi Narendra

How to integrate role based multi-authentication on Vue.js front end and Laravel back-end app?

I'm working on project in which I have to create role-based authentication system. I was successful in developing the multi-authentication on Laravel app but it was to messy and the performance was la . . .