1 year agoby Hugo Ramirez

Redirect with psuh NOT working

I've been working on one of your tutorials "Real Time Single Page Forum". I have a problem to redirect to Forum page once I do Login/Signup. I posted the question on Udemy questions, but I haven't received any answer. I'll place the questions again: On Login once I insert my credentials and do Login, it doesn't redirect to Forum. On console shows a Warning:

[vue-router] Route with name 'forum' does not exist.

On router.js, I created my Route with the following code:

import Forum from "../componentes/forum/Forum";

then, I added the path on const routes:

{path: "/forum", component: Forum, name: "forum"}

and, then I added the route on methods, Login.vue:


Inside my browser, on Application/Local Storage, I storage the token and the user, successfully.

Thank you

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