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    What you will learn

  • Build server-side-rendered single-page-applications (SPAs) in nuxt
  • Build a weather application using API in Nuxtjs
  • Building Quiz app with firebase in nuxt
  • Authentication using firebase in nuxtjs
  • Deploying Nuxtjs on digital ocean server
  • Making Nuxtjs an SEO friendly application

    Concepts & Benefits

  • Writing effective, reusable and manageable vuejs/javascript code
  • Create server side rendering application (SSR)
  • Build real projects with vuejs and SSR

Course Contents


In Depth Intro to Nuxt.js | What Nuxt can do - SPA, SSR, Static Site, Vue.js Family

14.25 min

Getting Started with NuxtJs | How to setup Nuxt Project and how it works

9.70 min

Create Full Nuxt App with NPX

6.05 min

Understanding Nuxtjs Core concepts

Understanding express/nodejs in Nuxtjs

6.03 min

Understanding Plugins in Nuxtjs

5.45 min

Understanding Module in Nuxtjs

2.70 min

Understanding Nuxtjs Configuration file - Nuxt.config.js

6.43 min

Html in nuxtjs

5.33 min

Default Layout

4.90 min

Custom layout

4.62 min

Custom error page

5.12 min

Attributes of pages

6.27 min

Meta tag override

3.15 min

Nuxt nuxt link

6.33 min

Dynamic Routings

6.70 min

Route params validation

5.75 min


11.32 min

Project 1 - Weather Application

Start weather app

3.52 min

Create Weather app page

7.13 min

Understand Weather API Website

4.20 min

Fetch weather data

3.20 min

Dynamic city weather

4.58 min

Show city with weather icon

7.15 min

Show Temperature

4.93 min

Show weather description

3.20 min

Move to Server Side Rendering

7.00 min

Wind & pressure

5.70 min

Show max and min temperature

3.58 min

Clean-Up V-if

4.13 min

Use dotenv module

4.48 min

Nuxtjs wrapup weather app

2.88 min

State Management - Understand Vuex Store n Nuxtjs

Nuxt Vuex intro

4.92 min

Access state from store

5.77 min

Vuex getters

2.80 min

Weather app to vuex store

5.03 min

AsyncData to Fetch

5.07 min

Vuex actions

3.67 min

Refactor and reuseable code

3.05 min

Project 2 - Quiz Application with Firebase

Quiz App page

7.12 min

Quiz App Submit Button

4.02 min

Create Question Page

8.17 min

Intro to firebase test mode

3.87 min

Bind data to question form

5.32 min

Store question to firebase

6.68 min

Store answer with question on firebase

5.67 min

Fetch questions from firebase

6.73 min

Quiz app show questions

7.13 min

Update questions

7.30 min

Query answer by question_id

8.68 min

Update answer

3.90 min

Detele question with answer

7.15 min


8.88 min

Firebase Authentication on Admin Side

Authentication login form

12.23 min

Create login

8.45 min

NuxtServerInit vuex

5.77 min

Logout plugin

3.73 min

Authentication middleware guest

5.12 min

Permission denied

4.73 min

Show question frontend

5.73 min

Extract component

4.98 min

Get correct answer

5.85 min

Correct answer color

2.13 min

Notification client side only

6.20 min


  • What technologies you will use?

    This course is for Nuxtjs , which is a framework of Vuejs . So we will learn about vuejs in-depth For state management, we have vuex chapter on this course.
  • I don't know Vuejs, will I understand things.

    It would be great if you have any knowledge of javascript frameworks and how they work. Like react, vuejs or angular. If you don't know anything about javascript then I would suggest you to first learn basics about javascript frameworks and then have this course.
  • I have another question.

    If you need any kind of help or you have any other questions then you can write to us at You can directly tweet and ask your question. If you don't know anything about javascript then I would suggest you to first learn basics about javascript frameworks and then have this course.

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