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How to make a real-time chat system using laravel, vuejs, and pusher.

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    What you will learn

  • Create Real Time Like/Dislike System

  • Create Facebook like Real time Notification and real time reply

  • You will learn How to generate Json Web Token (JWT) in Laravel and how to login and logout with Token

  • You are able to use create API with Laravel

  • Able to use Vuetify along with Vuejs

  • You are able to use create API with Laravel

  • Able to use Vuetify along with Vuejs

  • Update : Use Laravel WebSocket package to make realtime system free

  • Pagination on questions

    Concepts & Benefits

  • Writing effective, reusable and manageable vuejs/javascript code
  • Create server side rendering application (SSR)
  • Build real projects with vuejs and SSR

Course Contents



Install Laravel

Initialize Git Repository

Create Model, Migration Controller and Factories

Creating Model

Question Migration

Reply Migration

Like and Categories Migration

Create Database and run migration


Question Relationships

Reply & User Realtionshiops

Factory and seeding

Question Factory

2.83 min

Other Model Factories

Database Seeding

Routes for questions

3.50 min

Crud for Question

All Questions

Route Model Bindings

Delete Question

Store Question

Question Resource

Update Question

CRUD for Categories

Store Category

Read and Delete Category

Update Category

CRUD for Reply

Show Replies

8.03 min

Store and Delete on Reply

5.65 min

Resource for Category and Reply

6.48 min

Update Reply

3.20 min

Like and Dislikes

Like and Unlike System

8.43 min

JWT for Authentication

Installing JWT package for authentication

5.40 min

JWT AuthController

4.95 min

Checking JWT

5.43 min

JWT Middleware and Exception Handling

Singing Up a user with JWT

4.92 min

JWT Middleware

6.68 min

Handling Exceptions

7.32 min

Vuetify and Components

Install Vuetify

8.78 min

Home Component

3.55 min

Create Footer and Toolbar

4.20 min

Vue Router

4.40 min

Create Components with Routings

Login Component

7.38 min

Login Component part 2

6.03 min

Get Token when Login

5.17 min

Javascript Helper class and functions

Helper Javascript Class - User Class

4.52 min

Storage Helper

5.38 min

Token is valid

9.53 min

Store Token and username

4.53 min

LogIn and Logout Helper

7.50 min

Authentication, SignUp and Logout

SignUp Component

6.80 min

Handle Signup validation error

7.10 min

Signup with Login

5.32 min

Redirect User After Login

3.73 min

Show if LoggedIn

6.65 min

Logout part

6.43 min

Front End Questions CRUD

Forum component

4.65 min

Fetch All Questions

7.08 min

Get single question

6.92 min

Show single Question

5.73 min

Create Question part 1

8.32 min

Markdown Editor

6.62 min

Pass Token to Every Ajax request

3.53 min

Store Question with User_id and slug

3.40 min

Markdown Parse

6.20 min

Check owner or not

6.27 min

Delete Question

2.95 min

Edit Question

8.52 min

Update Question

8.42 min

Front End Category CRUD

Category List

5.92 min

Store Category

5.43 min

Show All Categories

5.57 min

Delete Category

3.98 min

Update Cateogory

7.00 min

Admin Can access category

2.30 min

Front End Reply CRUD

Get All Replies for question

3.13 min

Show all Replies

7.20 min

Create Edit and Delete Button for replies

4.72 min

Create Reply

14.02 min

Delete Reply

6.25 min

Update Reply

8.10 min

Update reply part 2

5.10 min

78:2 Real time forum edit reply bug fixed

8.87 min

Front End Likes

Create Like Button

Like a reply

5.62 min

Save Like to database

4.35 min


Start Notification system

3.05 min

Send Notification

4.93 min

Show Notification

8.52 min

Mark As Read

14.27 min

Pusher - Making things Real Time

Install Pusher

4.90 min

Real Time Likes

7.85 min

Increase Like Real Time

3.80 min

Broadcast Notification

5.58 min

Send Token along with Pusher

4.93 min

Real Time Notification

8.70 min

Exception Handling and Bug Fix

Handle Token is Expired

7.97 min

Handle Invalid Token

9.45 min

Incorrect token handling

3.13 min

Hide new reply button, if the user is not logged in

4.58 min

Showing Reply Count

6.00 min

Something Important and Conclusion

Add Parallex in Home Page

6.03 min

Form Request Validation for question and category

8.17 min

Showing validation error

6.23 min

Play Notification Sound

Notification Sound

6.53 min

From Pusher paid service to free laravel websocket service.

Move from Pusher to Websocket package

3.87 min

Continue on laravel websocket package

7.55 min

Websocket part 3

7.10 min

Pagination on Questions

104 pagination 1

3.05 min

105 pagination 2

4.83 min

106 pagination 3

3.83 min

107 pagination 4 refactor

2.82 min

Upgrade to laravel 6

108 upgrate to laravel 6

4.35 min

109 upgrate to laravel 6 part 2

2.67 min

Deploy project to Digital Ocean Ubuntu server

110 create ubuntu server

5.47 min

111 login only with ssh key

6.50 min

112 installing nginx php mysql

4.53 min

113 connect server with github via ssh key

3.52 min

114 install php extensions and composer

2.57 min

115 setup nginx

6.30 min

116 connect to mysql server

9.08 min

117 install supervisor for websocket-server

4.92 min


  • What technologies you will use?

    This course is uses Vuejs a modern and easy Javascript framework. For designing, we will use vuetify To make things real time, we will use Laravel WebSockets package.
  • I don't know Vuejs, will I understand things.

    It would be great if you have any knowledge of javascript frameworks and how they work. Like react, vuejs or angular. If you don't know anything about javascript then I would suggest you to first learn basics about javascript frameworks and then have this course.
  • I have another question.

    If you need any kind of help or you have any other questions then you can write to us at You can directly tweet and ask your question. If you don't know anything about javascript then I would suggest you to first learn basics about javascript frameworks and then have this course.

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