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An excellent tutorial is not just enough, you always need help and support. This website help you to connect with other person who might have faced same problem as yours. Its kinda like stackover-flow for Bitfumes Tutorials.
Why Bitfumes
Sometime its hard to read documentations for any Language. We just made docs easy for you so that you don't have to waste time in understanding things. We cover every tutorial from scratch to pro level with describing each and every steps
Best way
Writing codes and completing task is easy to do but important is how you code or how you manage code. Not only that, the way you handle your problem and every most importantly managing your heath is the key to success.
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Explanations are very clear and always gives practical example on how they work, every detail is said on the video that is understandable for the audience from beginner to expert. I know that you did put a lot of work on your explanations and how can you explain it to the viewers. If there' a best teacher other than Jeffrey Way if you think Jeffrey's pace and explanations are pretty fast for you? then his channel is for you!
Christian Balderrama