10 Best Practices to use GIT on team
Sarthak Shrivastava
2 years ago


Always ask yourself why you are using any git command

Here consider main branch is production branch

OK ready ??? Let's make your git experience on amazing Down pointing backhand index

1. Never push into main branch

Always create new branch & make a Pull Request (PR) to main/master branch In this way, your main/master branch stay safe And your code will get pushed only after review from team member

2. Always have protection on Main branch

Set a rule that no one can directly push to main Main will progress only with the merge of clean PR It protects your production branches from receiving unexpected and irreversible changes

3. Always pull first

Make a habit of git pull before creating any new branch This will make your work sync with the latest changes Otherwise you may have conflict with other files

4. Write good commit messages

A commit message is your overview of the work Write a descriptive but short commit message Always write what feature do, not what you have done today I have completed blog store part Cross mark an admin can create a blog White heavy check mark

5. Never irritate PR reviewer

A person who review your PR is helping you and the team Work in small batches Always think "how you can minimise reviewer work" Add comment on your PR where you think any explanation needed Never push unwanted changes

6. Never push unnecessary changes

Do not push any changes in format like space or empty new line Remove any unused variable or comment is not needed Do not leave any log anywhere or any empty file

7. Work in small batches

If you work on small task, you feel the completion Easily track your progress Easy to review your PR Always on Continuous Development (CI / CD) Any error can be tracked very early

8. Always review your own changes before pushing

When you finished your task, try to see your own changes diff This way you are looking for any unwanted changes You may find any mistake you can correct on the fly Make sure you have not changed any other code

9. Never push any lock file if not package is installed

Everyone uses different environment If no new package is installed, you should not push your lock file For example: if you just run "npm install", you have package-lock.json file never push this to PR

10. Add any screenshot for UI changes

This one seems not very useful but it is When you add UI changes screenshot, reviewer quickly get the idea what your code will do You can point to the changes you done on UI on the screenshot

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