Why Copilot will not steal your Job
Sarthak Shrivastava
2 years ago


Since the announcement of Copilot, I got many emails and Twitter DM about the fear of losing Job Let's see why this GitHub Copilot will not steal your job

👉 What is GitHub Copilot

It is an AI-based pair programmer Simply saying, it is a bot that helps you or completes your code for any language

It can really write code from your comment, function name, or based on other code It can also suggest comment completion based on other comments and code

👉 What is the issue ?

Although it is an amazing thing like a magic tool programmers fear loosing their job since Copilot can write code

👉 If Copilot is that good, do we really need a Programmer?

This is just the beginning, as Github train Copilot with more codes, it will perfectly complete/write code for any program And yes in the near future writing code will not be the job of Humans So yes we will need fewer coders

👉 Does it really Steal your Job?

Let's come to the real question. And if you think your job is to write code then YES it is a time to fear

Above I wrote coders instead of Programmer, why because coders write Code but a Programmer solve the bug, put logic, collaborate with the team, brainstorm on the best possible solution, and basically A Programmers job is much more than just writing a code

Tell me one thing, why you didn't fear when VSCode autocompletes your code or suggest the best file to import.

This is just a level-up thing for autocompletion.

Be a Programmer, not a Coder

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