Laravel For Beginner - From Download to Deploy

What is Laravel? Why it is important to learn laravel. Who created laravel? Laravel release system
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What is Laravel? Why it is important to learn laravel. Who created laravel? Laravel release system. Laravel Beginner tutorial - from download to deploy

6.33 Minutes

Laravel Ecosystem includes - Laravel Forge, Laravel News, LaraJobs, Laravel Conferences, Laravel Podcasts and much more. Learn about them to know more about laravel.

5.80 Minutes

Install Laravel on windows. Download Xampp and Composer to setup laravel environment. Using Cmder as command line tool to run commands.

13.77 Minutes

Install Laravel on macOS. Setting up Php, Mysql and Composer to setup laravel environment. Installing and setting Sequal Pro for Mysql GUI Installing Brew package manager for macOS

11.60 Minutes

What is Route, how to create your first route in laravel. How route is created

10.62 Minutes

Laravel works on MVC pattern, but where is MVC in Laravel. How MVC data flows inside Laravel

3.18 Minutes

Why there is .env file in laravel and how to setup database connection with laravel.

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Migrations are used to create table schema or structure. In laravel migrations also used to migrate table directly into database with one single command.

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Laravel has a command called 'php artisan make:auth' This command can instantly create Login and Register system on your laravel application.

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Why we need middleware in laravel? What middleware do ?

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Where is laravel core middlewares are placed. What purpose they serve in laravel and how they are added to laravel

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You can create your own middleware by the use of simple artisan command. How to register them on laravel so that you can use them anywhere on laravel application

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There are many ways to apply middleware to your laravel app. Lets talk about all the possible ways.

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You can pass some data to middleware and then apply your logic accordingly. Pass something to middleware as parameter.

5.58 Minutes

You can use laravel core 'check for maintenance mode' middleware to tell your users that application is in maintenance and service is not available this time.

4.93 Minutes

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) can be prevented by using a simple token. Laravel provides you a middleware which is checking for CSRF token from any form request.

5.00 Minutes

Trim the string from any form data you get. This middleware is very useful to have and reduce your work of trimming every field.

4.50 Minutes

You can define in which priority Middleware can be applied to your laravel application. Terminate method on middleware work when the request is already served.

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How laravel framework starts from the core. Let's examine how laravel boots up and what are the important things it needs to do before serving the request

14.00 Minutes

What is Laravel Service Container? How the container is implemented and what exactly the service container means?

15.67 Minutes

What is Service Providers in Laravel ? What is the use of Service Provider

12.03 Minutes

Simplest Explanation of Laravel Facades. Implement your own Facade. What is Laravel Facades?

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