#1 Bitfumes 2.0

Hi friends šŸ‘‹

I hope you are in good spirits. Welcome to the 1st edition of the new Bitfumes 2.0 newsletter!

If you have been a Bitfumes subscriber for a while now, then you know how informative and engaging the newsletters were.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been unable to engage with the community.

But I'm excited to tell you that we are back this time with new material and more engaging content than before with Bitfumes Newsletter 2.0 āš”ļø

Why the reboot?

For a while now, I have been toying with the idea of making content better for my readers. But the spark came when I worked recently with the new, hot domain in tech - AI šŸ¤–

I had to build a Generative AI tool focused on improving the internal tooling for developers so that they can code better. And the advancements in GenAI took me by surprise šŸ˜®

It got me thinking - if an AI system that was trained on a dataset could generate content this accurately, then our human brain, which is far superior, can surely generate better content and material for developers.

And our readers deserve the best.

Which is why, in this revamped, rebooted newsletter series from Bitfumes, we are going to dive deep into the exciting possibilities of building alongside AI and making software development more fun and robust šŸ’Ŗ

The rapid increase in integration of AI, creation and building on top of Large Language Models (LLMs), and the many discussions of ethics of using AI, etc are all consuming the tech industry today.

Clearly it is not just a buzzword anymore!

And the future of software development and engineering will undoubtedly include some form of AI and Machine Learning.

At Bitfumes we have always focused on delivering quality education to learners regardless of their background and experience. Our YouTube channel has grown strong and has received recognition for the same.

And it is all because of you. Yes, you!

This newsletter is a token of appreciation for your steadfast support throughout the years.

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What's cooking at Bitfumes


As always, we are focused on delivering new material. Very soon, we will have a small roadmap of what to expect and how you can participate in suggestions šŸ’¬

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Interesting Takes


There's always trouble brewing in the world of JavaScript šŸ˜ƒ

With NextJS 14 released, there are a lot of opinions on the framework.

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If this newsletter helped spark some new ideas in you, then let us know on your socials šŸ™Œ

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