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We previously saw how you can find remote jobs in 2024. While there are endless places to find opportunities, there are a few must have skills for developers to be considered for remote roles.


💼 Remote Developer Skills in 2024


Gone are the days of only-specialised roles. If you expect to be in the same domain as you are currently in for the next 10 years, then you are in for a rude shock.

Companies expect all-rounded skills now.

A generalist. A Jack of many trades and THEN a master of one or two.


💻 Technologies In Demand


⚛️ Master React Today

It goes without saying - ReactJS is the most solid skill to have for today, and for many years to come.

You cannot go wrong with React in your toolbelt. Even if you are a cloud developer, knowing frontend and quickly fixing some UI before deployment will gain you major brownie points.

Check out React Docs for a complete tutorial.

🎨 Learn Shadcn, Tailwind, MaterialUI, and Sass/Scss

As with React, learn the intricate art of design and UX. No software is usable without good design, and having a good eye for detail sets you apart.

👉 ShadCN UI Playlist

🌐 Learn Databases, Networking Basics, and Servers

Goes without saying - a full-stack developer needs to niche down with solid backend skills and that means learning how servers work, how to setup servers and databases, and how to perform complex query operations at scale.

MongoDB is the most leading choice of NoSQL databases. PostgreSQL is the most advanced go-to open-source database there is.

NodeJS/ExpressJS is a deadly combination for servers. You can build practically any backend with this tech stack and

👉 Complete MERN Tutorial - Bitfumes

🚀 Learn NextJS

While being a full-stack developer in various tech stacks has its advantages, diving deep into a niche and mastering it is crucial to a sustainable career.

NextJS has proved itself to be the de-facto frontend framework. You can build highly sophisticated production-ready SaaS apps with a beautiful design, all without leaving the frontend ecosystem. How cool is that?

👉 Complete NextJS Playlist

☁️ Learn AWS & DevOps

Yes, it is easy to learn. Learn to build CI/CD pipelines, deploy multi-tier architecture apps to the cloud, and learn to monitor for bugs and errors.

This is the golden card for your remote job.

👉 AWS Complete Bootcamp - 100 Hours

👩‍💻 Learn to Experiment

Do not restrict yourself to only the popular technologies. A curious mind with a learning hunger is a great asset in a developer.

Learn to tinker around, explore new tools, and learn by doing - not just following tutorials. Build apps, websites, templates, anything. Code a little bit outside of your work every day on your own projects, even if it is just 15 mins.


📈 Learn the Art of Job Applications


⏳ Time

It takes patience, grit, and time to find the right fit. With the above skills, you need to find the right job/company/team to work with.

A good workplace boosts your career.

Do not blindly apply to 100s of jobs every day. Take time to research, study the job description, and apply if it excites you.

With more numbers, quality of work and probability of finding a good company - both go down.

🔊 Communication

Learn to communicate well - written and verbal.

Learn email etiquettes. Polish the art of communication globally with an understanding of how different cultures work. Usually English is all that's sufficient - but fine-tune your vocabulary, keep it simple, and keep it crisp.

💪 Have a good portfolio

Don't shy away from freelancing, personal projects, or hobby projects. They can all be powerful factors in boosting your profile. All good companies love a developer with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Be proud of your work, and present it in the same context.


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🇮🇳 Code Jugaad 🇮🇳


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In a single week, you all have helped me grow Code Jugaad from less than 300 subscribers to almost 500 subscribers! That's almost 30 subscribers every day in the last 7 days 😍 Keep it coming 💪

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Ruk Ruk Ruk, Arrey Baba Ruk ... 😁 Learn how to snap images in position while scrolling, with CSS 👇

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💎 Bitfumes 💎

TypeScript is a must know for developers. Especially if you are targeting remote developer jobs 👇

🎥 JavaScript jobs you can apply to if you know TypeScript

Learn TypeScript here and build your own scalable apps 👇

🎥 Beginner TypeScript Complete Course

🦀 Rust Series is progressing and I just added 2 new videos 👇

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