#2 Why Bitfumes is not Sarthak 😧

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Hey, it’s Sarthak from Bitfumes! Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Newsletter 2.0 πŸš€

A huge thanks for being here with us ✨


Hi there πŸ‘‹

Now, you may be wondering about why I (Sarthak) said that I’m not Bitfumes. But am I not the person behind Bitfumes for many years now?

Yes. And no!

Before you confuse yourself too much, allow me to share some background story with you. Make sure you have your snacks ready 🍿

Rewind to 2014

It was an era of fresh ideas and possibilities. Bitfumes - which is a huge, growing YouTube channel today - was simply a business idea at the time. Unsurprisingly, the goal remains the same today as it was back then - to deliver value to whoever our customer is. And just like that, the business was registered and Bitfumes.com was born!

For the next few years, I kept on renewing the domain name in the hope of turning it into a business, and a valuable brand that people would come to recognise.

Fun fact - I did not know programming when Bitfumes was registered 🀭

Fast forward to 2017

The first video was released sometime in 2017, which led to the birth of Bitfumes as a YouTube channel in 2018 delivering valuable, educational programming content for free. But this was not always the goal for the channel; it began as a way to keep the channel as a source for my own reference and learnings - which simply just started benefiting others as well 😁

So why am I not Bitfumes?

While to this day, I am singularly tied to Bitfumes and its growth and contributions, I would like to personally think that Bitfumes is simply a part of a larger goal in my life. The goal will always be to help people, and Bitfumes is serving as just one viable platform for me to do that with the unending support of readers like you 🀩

Bitfumes will continue to be what it is, and will grow more to serve its audience. And personally, I - Sarthak - will branch out in more ways to provide value and contribute to the growth of people.

So, the essence is that I am not JUST Bitfumes, I’m also possibly someone more 😁

What's Cooking At Bitfumes

Well, our YouTube channel has been busy with all sorts of valuable information πŸŽ₯

πŸ‘‰ What is Redis?

πŸ‘‰ PHP Devs are the G.O.A.T 😎

And something exciting is dropping soon πŸ‘€

Hint: Keep your docking stations ready 😎

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