#4 YouTube Blocked My Revenue 😨

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Hey, it’s Sarthak from Bitfumes! Welcome to the 4th edition of our Newsletter πŸš€

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Well, our previous newsletter content about OpenAI is already outdated! While the world moves faster than we expect, OpenAI’s leadership changes move the fastest πŸ˜‚

And in this week's edition, I want to share with you a uniquely interesting incident that happened in the early years of my journey as a content creator. Butterfly effect is truly amazing πŸ¦‹

Regardless of the final turn of events at OpenAI, Microsoft still ended up making possibly huge profits and becoming the centre of attraction in the markets. Its stocks have soared high and, all said and done, Satya Nadella is still proving to be the right person to lead the company towards generating revenue, creating change, and making impact at scale.

Elsewhere, in a planet not so far away, Elon Musk is building and taking on the world's frenzy with his own AI - Grok. Elon claims that it answers better, harder questions than its competitors, and even suggest what better questions we can ask it to make the conversation flow smoother!

Grok is modeled with the complete data from X (previously Twitter). Given that the platform has been one of the oldest conversational, text-based social media networks in existence, and that Elon "bought" it for hefty billions of dollars, an AI model was the obvious result. I mean, come on, the man has sent the most advanced rockets to outer space and planets, built the world's most technologically advanced EVs, rewrote (rebranded? lol) the history of social media networks, aaaand... now he has produced an AI to beat human intelligence and apparently, other artificial intelligences too 🫠

The future is already here πŸ‘€

What are your thoughts on 2 AIs now actively interacting with the world? We would love to know. Hit the button below to send us your thought bubbles πŸ’¬

The Chaos Theory

It's amazing to think of the Butterfly effect and its phenomenal nature.

Turning the clock back to 2017

I went through a challenge with Bitfumes in the beginning years of content creation. More than 6 years ago, in 2017, when the first few videos were up and running in YouTube and the views had started coming in, I expected to make the money I had always dreamt of. But I was in for a rude shock. I received ZERO revenue. Monetisation was enabled. I was uploading consistently, every day from Monday to Friday, every week. The revenue was visible on the dashboard. Yet, I never received it in my bank account.

What was the problem?

YouTube Revenue Bitfumes 2017

The issue was revealed to be something very surprising later on - ISIS.

Yes, that organisation. There was a string of violent videos that the organisation uploaded on YouTube and through them, they started making revenue. This was detected by YouTube later on, and it immediately suspended and blocked all ad-driven revenues to creators for many months. It affected content creators worldwide and I was taken aback too. Something horrible that happened across the world could affect a small channel like Bitfumes at the time!

The money finally started trickling in, at the end of 2017. But I was determined to never stop being consistent with my videos and learning. I continued to upload and keep the community engaged, and the results have been definitely rewarding.

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