#5 Unlock Your Dream Job (And a Christmas-New Year Mashup)

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Hey, it’s Sarthak from Bitfumes! Welcome to the 5th edition of our Newsletter πŸš€

A huge thanks for being here with us ✨


Hi there πŸ‘‹

This week, I have a fun little surprise for you, and it's going to demand your efforts a bit 😎 While I'll reveal what it is later on, for now, let us dive into the real world a bit!

LLMs are going to be mainstream

As the AI frenzy catches on in the world, we will soon see a huge spurt of every kind of AI business integrating into every day affairs. There are already innumerable "AI Solutions" that exist today but the fact is that many (all) of these companies are using the trend to grow their trend πŸ₯² What they claim to be AI, is most probably going to be machine learning models trained on huge datasets.

And guess what? These ML models are not even in-house. They are plug-and-play technologies now, available to be used and scaled as businesses wish.

So what really is AI? Where are these ML models coming from?

AI is - simply put - an intelligence that is capable of "generating" real-world, real-time "thoughts" into the computing industry. Researchers have been working for decades to replicate the working of a human brain - where new synapses and neurons are formed naturally - in a computational model.

However, it is a sophisticated area, and what we see as AI today is not even close to what true AI would be one day. If AI today scares you, then be prepared to be shocked/surprised in a few years or decades, when its true capabilities are realised.

Generative AIs like Dall E and Midjourney are capable of doing what they do because of something call LLMs - Large Language Models.

LLMs are AI algorithms that use deep learning techniques on massive amounts of data with billions of parameters to generate intelligence based on their learnings.

Communities like Hugging Face have been quietly building these models for years together, developing tools and AI systems.

And if you are a developer who is interested in becoming an AI engineer of the future, this is the perfect time. Learning Langchain will explode your AI building capabilities along with learning to build ML/AI models (commonly known as transformers).

I would love to know how you have started your AI developer journey!

And speaking of developer jobs..

I Was Totally Lost During The Pandemic

It was 2020.

And with the first and second wave of COVID and subsequent lockdowns, I lost my business.

I had near zero income, my business was barely alive, all my plans of growing my skills and pursuing my passion were brought to a complete standstill.

With a bleak view of my future, I started applying to jobs.

I applied to 100s of job postings, cold-emailed many, many recruiters and CEOs, and went through innumerable rounds of interviews.

The result - zero offers.

After a long time, I finally realised the mistake I made - I had used the same resume for ALL the job applications 😣

Once I got the clarity - the game started to turn in my favour. I want to share the same with you too. If you are currently preparing and looking to switch to better jobs, then I highly recommend watching this video that I made for the sole purpose of helping job seekers. Watch it here πŸ‘‡

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++Unlock Your Dream Job++

What's cooking at Bitfumes

And now for the surprise 🀩

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The Bitfumes Battle of Portfolios πŸ’Ό


Hacktoberfest may be over, but open-source-fest always remains open 😎

Do you have a dashing portfolio that showcases your skills to the world?

Are you a designer who can paint the digital canvas with creative fun?

Are you a developer who brings pixels into life with amazing code?

If you answered yes to all (or most) of the above, then you are in for a treat πŸ₯³

The rules are simple -

  1. Your portfolio must be open-source (and not just publicly visible!). It must embrace the true nature of open-source. How? Read on..
  2. Have proper documentation and licensing information. Do your research! πŸ”Ž
  3. The project will be coded by you and only you. NO plagiarism or AI generated code!
  4. You must host it on GitHub only, nowhere else.

The theme - A Mashup of Christmas and New Year's πŸ’₯

Feel free to sprinkle your portfolio with anything and everything relating to the above theme!

That's it! What to build?

It is completely left to you. It can be anything from a Chrome extension, a landing page, a Figma design for a website, a developer tool, a simple (or complex 🀭) game... ANYTHING πŸ€“ Let your creative juices flow!

When does the contest start?

RIGHT NOW. Haha, yes. Start as soon as you finish reading this newsletter. In the next edition, I will let you know more about this contest, such as the deadline, process of registration and submission of portfolio, how to document, how to make it open-source etc.

Do not worry, I've got your back 😎

But I will drop a hint for what to expect at the end of this contest.. there will be a huge prize and there will be 3 winners! Yes, 3 πŸ™Œ

Are you excited? I definitely am! If you have ANY doubts about this contest, let me know right away, and I would love to help you out.

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